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Every Gift has a Story! Every company has a brand!

The right gift provides you with a golden opportunity to build client relationships and enhance your brand message. We believe that every gift should be thoughtful, should inspire and delight your recipient, creating an unforgettable impression.

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01 - 5 Inch Totem Pole in Red Cedar Box with story on lid - left Wolf TP301 - right Beaver TP302  - Comes in 8 Animals
02 - TP300 Two figure Totem Pole in cedar box with story on lid
03 - RCB200 Red Cedar box with Hand carved Design on top - Comes in 6 Animal designs - Bear Box 7 x 4.5 inch
04 - RCB 201 Whale Box 7 x 4.5 inch
05 - TS012 12 Inch Talking Stick in Cedar Box with story on front cover
06 - TS009 9 Inch Talking Stick in Cedar Box with story on front cover
07 - PPSM 401 Maple wood Pen & Pencil set in box with Native designs on cover of box
08 - OP401 Oval wood pen in box comes in 12 animal designs and can be personalized - Walnut-Rosewood-Maple-Red Mahogany

Extraordinary, memorable gifts that are surprisingly affordable.

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