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Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society is a non-profit society providing service to urban Aboriginal children and families living in the Greater Vancouver area.

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society meets the needs of Aboriginal people making a transition to the urban community, emphasizing the philosophies and values of Aboriginal culture and tradition.

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The Hummingbird Grannies

One day I met a wonderful grand mother who was wearing a T shirt with a beautiful Hummingbird, I asked her if she like Hummingbirds and was surprised when she explained that she was a member of the “Hummingbird Grannies”. I asked her what that meant. She explained that their name comes from a Haida Legend. It goes like this.

There was a great forest fire and all of the terrified animals ran out of the woods. The birds flew above them in a panic They huddled on the edge of the forest and watched. All but one.

The hummingbird would not abandon the forest. She flew up to the stream, picked up a few beads of water in her beak and flew back to drop the water on the fire. Back and forth she went, continuing to drop the water bit by bit on the great fire.

Finally the bear asked her what she though she was doing, as he stated a hummingbird can't put out a great forest fire.

Without stopping, the hummingbird said to the bear and all the other animals, “I am doing what I can, maybe if you did it to we could all make a difference."

I was stunned by the beauty of the story and the perfect analogy it provides for the Grandmothers Campaign. AIDS in Africa is a raging forest fire. Grandmothers there and in Canada are doing what they can, drop-by-drop.

We contribute to this charity not because of their name but because of the good work all these grand mothers do. If you would like to know more about them just Google "Hummingbird Grannies"