Ceremonies & PresentationsCeremonies & Presentations

A marvelously creative beginning or a spectacular effective culmination to your conference. This is the chance to offer some Traditional memories, before your delegates get down to business or fellowship.

The Following Traditional Programs Are Available

Talking Stick Ceremony:
The presentation is unique and offers a glimpse into Native Tradition for all delegates.
This Ceremony is presented by a hereditary Chief or "Siam" along with two or more other Native performers. It can be 5 minutes duration or longer if required. Typically the Talking Stick is described and danced to invoke "Spirit" and is then presented to the incoming CEO, President or Chair Person

Blessing Ceremony:
It's a great way to open any convention or meeting small or big.
Blessings are done by Native Elders, Chiefs or Siam and can last between 3 minutes to 10 minutes duration. It consist of drumming, chanting and the spoken word. "The Creator or Great Spirit" is used and is never referred to as a he or she. Typically Mother Earth and its bounty and the people gathered are blessed and guidance asked for all the delegates in achieving their objectives and of course a safe return home.

Welcome or Farewell Ceremony:
It's very entertaining and is a good ice breaker or start to any conference, or an excellent farewell for all delegates.
This ceremony is done by a Native dance group dressed in full regalia, singing and drumming welcome or farewell songs. First the group introduces themselves, and officially welcomes all the delegates to Canada. Each song is then introduced in brief before it is danced.

Guest Speakers:
We have a broad base of seasoned Native speakers on a wide range of topics from Native culture to global issues and are happy to address any convention or conference. They take pride in addressing people from all over the world.

Drumming in VIP's or Head Table:
This can be arranged during any portion of your conference.

All of our Native speakers, presenters and dance groups are well known to the hospitality industry and are professional and well aware of your needs as a meeting planner, hotelier or association executive. They have spoke or performed for countless conferences through out Canada.

Traditional Native Ceremonial Programs to give your conference Reverence and Soul!

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