Centre PiecesCentre Pieces

Centre Pieces can make all the difference and ours do!
UNIQUE & LIFELIKE, they almost seem alive!

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01 - Mask peeking out of florals
02 - Canadian Loons & fresh wild flowers
03 - Canadian Ducks & fresh wild flowers
04 - Large centre piece for Registration table
05 - Native Mask Centre Piece
06 - From another view
07 - Native Lantern with T light inside
08 - Native Mask Center Piece
09 - Each one has its own character
10 - Looking like they could talk
11 - Mask with fresh florals
12 - Loons with fresh flowers

Centre Pieces are an important part of your event. The centre pieces set the tone for your function because after all... your guests will be at the table for the most part of the evening

They can be a great ice breaker, they can jazz up the room, inspire conversation or just evoke awe. We combine art and nature to bring each centre piece to life

Our Centre Pieces speak!

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